Competitive prices apply at any time/day as follows, and keep a look out for special offers.

1 hour £30
1½ hours £45
2 hours £56


Pass Plus Course

One off fee of £200 for 6 hours

Check with your insurance company how much money this will save you - it may be worth your while financially as well as giving you (or maybe your parents!) peace of mind that you are better equipped to deal with a wider range of driving challenges such as motorways, driving in the dark, bad weather conditions and more.


Pass Plus

Special Offer
Special Offer
ADI Instructor

You can be confident that all lessons are with a fully qualified ADI who teaches 'Safe Driving For Life' (the DSA's mission).

This can be followed up by a Pass Plus course to provide added experience and increased confidence and safety to your driving (as well as lower your insurance premiums).

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